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On the Scene of an Auto Accident!


Your Toyota Corolla slams head-on with a Pontiac Grand Am as its making its turn. Immediately, thoughts run through your mind over whom to call, whether to get out quickly, and so forth. In an accident, the top priority stands: get an emergency service professional, such as the police, to get involved immediately. The police will conduct documentation activity to get your car back on track. According to the National Safety Council, one out of every eight licensed drivers is involved in some type of vehicle accident every year.

Important: Don?t leave the scene unless you want to get ticketed. Wait until a police officer approaches you with added instructions. Notice any injuries or breakdown to all vehicles involved and call the police.

The operator may ask for the following:
- Your specific location
- Are there any injuries?
- Are there any disabled vehicles?
- Has the accident stopped traffic altogether?

Move to the shoulder if your vehicle is blocking traffic if possible and don?t leave your vehicle unless the area is safe. At this point, your first interactions with the other driver may take place. It is important to act in a civilized manner and place no blame on the accident until police officers arrive to determine liability. All forms of documentation must be available, including your license, registration, and insurance card (for handy purposes, keep these in your glove compartment.) If it appears the other driver is at fault and offers a money reward for your silence, refuse!

Exchanging information with involved drivers is very easy. Courtesy of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America at, CLICK HERE for a list of all the information that should be collected at the accident scene.

Posted on: 12/4/06 5:57:32 P


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