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Comparing Auto Insurance Companies and Their Bags O' Goods

Used car lots are chockfull of treasure seeking buyers looking for that $600 steal. Why can't that concept apply to the insurance that protects that $600 steal? Comparing auto insurance companies online is a trick of the trade. It enables you to compare and contrast rates, hunt for discounts, and take advantage of a spotless driving record. Your AIG or Progressive Declarations page may outline not-so-generous terms, so why not shop online?

Auto insurance companies are manning the online front, offering rate quotes online. The popular ones, Geico,, and require users to fill out extensive forms detailing everything from level of education information to traffic violation bits. These online services are always free. In addition to lower rates, auto insurance carriers must hype its service. Insurers like Geico supplement their basic policies with additional perks like emergency road services ($12 per year/per car) and others have agencies with customer service representatives working around the clock. This is an advantage over those insurance carriers with tardy emails and phone calls. Allstate is another gem, offering accident forgiveness programs (protects policyholders from increased rates as a result of an accident) and deductible rewards for trouble-free drivers (discounts for staying safe.) After deciding the right amount of coverage, investigate the additional perks that auto insurance companies provide.

Comparing auto insurance companies is best come renewal time or when you've moved to another location. Remember, moving from Point A to Point B can affect your insurance premiums. In addition, retirement, marriage, and a recently licensed teenager may all contribute to changes in your policy. With every new factor comes a new assessment of risk, and since insurers have different calculating methods of assessing risk, the provider you have now might not be as competitive as the rest.

Posted on: 12/8/06 9:22:35 P


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