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Buying Direct vs. Using an Auto Insurance Agent

Buying directly through a local insurance agent or using a company is all a matter of personal choice. It all boils down to one question: will this auto insurance broker/company offer me the best rate and the least amount of trouble? Local insurance agents have the benefit of providing multiple policies like home and life insurance which can be combined to save money. Along the same token, dealing directly with the likes of Geico,, AIG, Progressive, and others may be easier given their easy-to-fill Request forms that allow users to get a list of quotes and make a purchase quickly.

Are you auto insurance savvy? If you're highly familiar with insurance and the claim filing process, dealing directly with the auto insurance carrier may be the best option. Agents exist to walk you through the insurance process with personalized service, assessing your drivers profile to determine what type and how much auto insurance you need. Be aware that there are two different types of insurance agent: independent and exclusive. Independent agents navigate the insurance skies, comparing and contrasting multiple insurance companies for the best deal. Exclusive agents report to one or a few insurance companies they have business relationships with. Before enlisting an agent, make sure to ask whether they are independent or exclusive.

Posted on: 12/9/06 9:20:03 P


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